More about the best, cheapest phone sex in the UK?

More about the best, cheapest phone sex in the UK?

There are loads of numbers out there – and tonnes of girls all waiting for you to call, but how do you know which one will actually give you what you need?

For sheer ease of use and spontaneity, phone sex numbers which charge to your phone bill directly are the best. Think about having to talk to an operator and read out your credit card details in order to pre-pay for your phone sex session. For one thing, you’re handing your card details out to a company you don’t know, and by the time you’ve gone through all that, are you still going to be in the mood?

Dial one of our cheap numbers and, usually in little over 60 seconds, you can be talking to one of our hand picked, naughty ladies with no messing around.

Phoning from a mobile phone?

We always highly recommend phoning premium rate services, like our phone sex lines, from your land line. You’ll be sure of a good connection which is important, you don’t want to have to repeat yourself 4 times when you’re describing what you want to with your hard cock, it just kills the mood.

The other reason is that mobile phone companies apply per minute network extras. These are entirely down to the mobile companies and nothing to do with us, but it means that the cost per minute will most likely be higher on your mobile that it will be on a land line. You need to check with your phone provider for the exact details as these are subject to change.

So, wait for a quiet few minutes, and get comfortable at home. You’ll both be on land lines, in your own homes, so you’ll be able to give each other your fill attention. Trust us, you’ll enjoy the phone sex experience way more this way.

36p per minute, live adult chat…

Yes, that’s cheap, but we don’t let the quality slip because of it. We on’y have girls who are literally gagging for sexual pleasure, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun would it? When these sluts say they are fingering their pussies, they damn well mean it.