What kind of people enjoy phone sex?

Show me a man who says he doesn’t masturbate and I’ll show you a liar. Same goes for women. Ok some people rely on masturbation more than others as a stress buster, a pick me up, or just because they can’t get enough of the sexual thrill achieved through orgasm. Everybody does it, and everybody uses aids once it a while. Porn, magazines, dirty thoughts…. and of course, phone sex.

It’s odd that, since everyone does it, that so many people deny it. Odder still, a lot of people think guys and girls who enjoy phone sex are seedy, older, desperate etc…. It’s not the case. So many girls love chatting about naughty stuff and seeing where it leads, and of course, what guy doesn’t want to talk dirty with a sexy sounding babe….

If you are looking through pages on this site, wondering about calling and you think that phone sex is only for a certain ‘type’, you really shouldn’t worry about it. Young men call, older men do as well, Single, married, bi, straight… Some need help emptying their balls, fast and dirty, some want to explore fantasies that they don’t want to talk to anyone else about. The reasons for the call vary hugely, and the people do as well, but the main thing I want to say here is that there is no ‘type’. You won’t be judged. The girls on the end of the like are just as eager to get their panties off and start enjoying the moment with you.

So relax, don’t over think it, and enjoy a steamy sex conversation with one of us now.